Story Of bathpowder :


Stop doing chemical bath Go for a natural Bath...

The world is moving faster running towards new cultures and new habits in our day to day life In this scenario I would like to share about a habit that we use to do in our daily routine life 


Do you know what the people use to bath in ancient days or our old days or our forefathers used to do bath daily When there is no soaps invented Have you ever thought about it Let us do it for 5 mins of time to learn about it which is our daily activity in our life?

Soaps are chemical cakes which are made up of chemicals to cleanse our bodies in our day-to-day life whole world is washing their skins with the chemical bars WHY? Then why are new skin diseases are introducing in our lifestyle why people are suffering from many severe skin diseases Like Psoriasis, Tan, Skin cancers, Pimples, Age wrinkles, Itching, Fungal Infections, Unwanted hair and many more Etc Pharma Markets and medicals industries are growing year by year in the whole world WHY?  

Ancient OLD MODEL Bathing :

Do you know how the ancients use to bath or our forefathers use to bath They use to bath with "BATHPOWDER" They use to prepare at home and take bath So in the olden day's people used to look good and there were no skin problems in that days But now a day we are seeing many new skin problems and we are roaming around doctors spending a lot of money to be a beautiful 

ENGLISH CULTURE: When Britisher ruled India before independence we have copied many of habits from them Soaps are also one of the things that we have changed our traditional bathing into their soap culture India we have very powerful Ayurveda treatment where the others countries were not much aware of it So they don't know about medical herbs and it uses much But we as an Indians knowing everything about herbs but we were attracted to other peoples culture 

NATURE: Nature has many resources like plant Herbs to solve skin problems and also keep skin healthy and Keeps infections away from body and skin But people choose wisely to chemical soaps for instant results But 10% of still going to natural products in India Especially youth are attracting to new chemical creams, Bars and Face wash and developing new skin problems in coming days or in adult age The reactions of skin or body may not found immediately mostly but incoming ages it will be difficult for this people don't even know why they get these skin problems it will be because of there past mistakes 

Many Natural Herbs LikeIn nature, we have many herbs which helps skin to prevent many skin disease Neem, Tulasi, Amla, Shikak, Bhrami, Aswagandha, Bavanchallu, Karpoorakachi, Hibiscus, Rose petals, Tunga, Beal, Lemon peel, Orange peel, Meethi, Thanikaya, Karakaya, Mangista, Vattiverllu, Bilva, Poodina, Multani and Many more... 

which keeps the skin natural glow and makes skin smooth It is also a natural scrub In the old days they use all these ingredients and makes a bath powder It has many more benefits as follows :

  • Sloughs off dead skin
  • Reduces excess oil on the skin
  • Fades marks & scars
  • Nourishes Skin deeply
  • Makes skin baby soft 
  • Keeps skin aging at bay
  • Protect from Suntan
  • Brightens skin tone
  • Brings out the natural glow
  • Keeps Infections away
  • Prevents unwanted hair on the skin
  • Makes your bath refresh

Many more...

So Stop doing chemical baths go for a natural bath and Live happily with beautiful skin for long days 


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